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Kino and Kinder
A Family's Journey in the Shadow of the Holocaust
Vivien Sieber

  •  Boskovice to Brno

  •  Life in cosmopolitan Vienna of the 1920s

  •  The Palast Kino - a cinema in Vienna cinema run by two women

  •  Sending her son to safety in London

  •  Escape from the Nazis

  •  Penniless refugee in London & hostel matron

  •  Second matron in hostels in Tynemouth &  Windermere for girls rescued by Kindertransport

  • Living testimony by the Kinder

  • Contemporary descriptions of internment (Isle of Man, Canada), Royal Navy and naval intelligence

  • Reconstruction of lives disrupted by the Holocaust in post-war Europe

  • What happened to the cinema?

​80 plus original evocative photographs

ISBN: 978 1 914933 17 2

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